3 Ways to Stop Energy Costs from Going Through the Roof

Although we might know it from a logical standpoint, most of us don’t consider that nearly half of the greenbacks we dole out monthly to pay our utility bills go directly towards heating and cooling our homes.  HALF. That’s huge.  Just like wearing a hat on cold days, your roof is your best defense against Keep reading….

Tile Installs Taking Way Too Long?

You know the drill.  You’ve gone through it countless times.  Mounting solar panels to a tile roof can be quite a hassle – all the cutting, drilling, grinding and replacing of tiles….it’s never ending, and it’s an additional liability for solar installers.  Not to mention the incredible amount of time it adds to an overall Keep reading….

5 Reasons Your Company Should Be at the 2015 International Roofing Expo

The International Roofing Expo (IRE) has grown considerably in the past few years.  Vegas was the venue in 2014, and what a show it was, with 9,568 attendees – the largest attendance in the show’s history! This year the show is headed to New Orleans, and will run from February 24th through February 26th.  As Keep reading….

More Interesting Facts About Solar Power

The first week of February is “Solar Education Week”, and college campuses nationwide are taking a deeper look at sustainability, and planning educational solar events so everyone can learn more about solar power. As solar promoters, and solar ambassadors, it’s always a good thing to know what you’re talking about. Yeah, if you’re in the Keep reading….