3 Tactics for Safeguarding Endangered Roofs

The roof over your head is the single most important part of your home – it shelters you and protects you from the elements, it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand strong winds, sloped just right to allow for watershed, and in areas that get any amount of snowfall, it must be rugged enough to bear additional weight. In general, the pitch of the roof is directly KEEP READING

Hooray for May: Our Monthly Special Awaits

Note: This one can be filed under “short and sweet blog posts” So, as you’ve probably noticed, we’re dedicated to bringing you a special for every month of the year. Last month we focused on our Solar Snow Management line of products. This month, it’s all about you, your projects, and using our Online Project Calculator to determine exactly what system is right for the project KEEP READING

8 New Systems That Will Save You Money and Time!

Last week we were in Broomfield, Colorado, exhibiting at the Beacon Roofing Supply Product Expo! It was there that we launched our newest snow management solutions, Alpine SafeGuard and Alpine SnowPad. The need for these new systems grew out of a demand, and a higher level of understanding of what our clients are looking for in the snow management systems they use. Price always seems to KEEP READING

4 Roofing Marvels That Will Cause Your Jaw to Drop

Five years ago I accepted a Marketing position with Alpine SnowGuards (and Sister company EcoFasten Solar), and to say that since then I’ve learned a lot about the roofing industry, would be a HUGE understatement. I swear I’ve learned enough about snow guards, roofing and solar to fill a book, or an “abridged edition” at the very least….and I guarantee that’s just the tip of the iceberg, KEEP READING

Gutters: In the Line of Fire

Let me first start by saying that I’m happy we, up here in Vermont, were spared by Winter Storm Uma. I get to a point every winter where I just can’t take it anymore. I mean, I LOVE the snow. It’s beautiful. It’s insulating. It’s a natural acoustic genius, and snowball fights really are so much fun….for me, it’s the shoveling, the constant feeding of the wood KEEP READING

Solar Snow Management

If you’re not already familiar with our line of solar snow management solutions, take a look below, and discover why contractors all over North America are installing snow management solutions designed specifically for use on solar arrays. In North America, 75-80% of the roofs installed on residential construction are asphalt/composition shingles. If you own a building with this type of roofing material and live in an KEEP READING

Recommended Layouts? Heck Yeah, We Can Do That!

At Alpine SnowGuards our #1 priority is to ensure that our clients are taken care of, educated on what they need for a project, and that they walk away happy. We’ve always had an online calculator to help determine the snow guard quantity and recommended layout for your projects. It worked for a while, but we wanted to make sure obtaining a recommended layout from us KEEP READING

Fall in L♥VE with February AND SAVE!

This month we’ve decided to run a special promotion: Any order placed & shipped during the month of February of our PP115, PP125, PP225, or PP325 snow management systems will get an additional 10% off! We appreciate our clients, and we wanted to give you an opportunity to save some dough, or to stock up NOW for future projects! When you call (888.766.4273) or email, just KEEP READING

Snow Guards & Membrane Roofing

♥See our FALL IN LOVE WITH FEBRUARY special at the end of this post♥ Our talented CAD Designer/Animator, Matt, has done some really amazing work forAlpine SnowGuards and Sister Company EcoFasten Solar, in the form of install animations for some of our top products. Take a look at this one, for our PP115 two or three pipe system for membrane roofing: So easy, right? The PP115 system was designed specifically KEEP READING

ASG3000: An Ideal Residential Snow Management System for Metal Standing Seam Roofing

I don’t want this to get lost in the story, so before I begin, I wanted to take a minute to let you all know about our January Special: We’re offering FREE FREIGHT on any standing seam order that ships in January! Just mention this post when you call (888.766.4273) or email! Order for current need, or STOCK UP for future projects! OK, back to the KEEP READING