Merry Christmas from EcoFasten Solar & Alpine SnowGuards

Ah, Christmas.  If you celebrate it or not, I think I speak for many of us when I say this is my favorite time of the year.  The feeling in the air, the bright lights, hot chocolate with marshmallows, a wood fire burning, snowman-making, baking, sledding, snowball fights, and the fact that my sweet, 10 year old tween still believes in Santa (although the Google search history on his READ THE REST….

Leadership in Solar

Twelve days until Christmas. Can you believe it? I can almost hear the drummers drumming, and I find myself more excited for Christmas in my 40’s than I ever was as a kid. Why? I guess it’s because I have a 10 year old who still believes, and it’s amazing….no, it’s awesome….to see things through his eyes. As we get closer to the festivities, and the parties, READ THE REST….

Tile Hook Flashing – It’s Almost Too Easy

If you’ve ever installed a solar array on a tile roof, you know that there are systems available that’ll make your time on the roof faster and easier. EcoFasten Solar’s Tile Flashing System was the only solution like it until fairly recently, when a few other mounting manufacturers started following suit. It’s a great idea for a number of reasons – maybe one of the most import reasons being READ THE REST….

Removing Roof Snow: When is the Right Time?

We’ve seen some intense, out of the ordinary snow activity recently, as many of you can attest to. If wet heavy snow falls onto a roof that already has a marginal accumulation of snow and ice, it can cause snow guards to yield. Although this is obviously far more desirable than a roof collapse, it is also preventable if you and/or the building owner are proactive. READ THE REST….