8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Roofing Contractor to Replace Your Business’ Roof

On this snowy morning in the Green Mountains of Vermont….yes, it’s snowing (sigh)….I’m VERY excited to announce that we have a guest blogger to introduce! I want you all to meet Adam Capps from UB Commercial Roofing in Columbus, Ohio. Adam, meet our readers, who we absolutely adore! Adam illustrates the reasons (8 to be exact) you should hire a roofing contractor when replacing the roof on READ THE REST….

Show, Don’t Tell: Your Installs with the EcoFasten Solar Brand

Our customers are truly the best. We recently asked many of you if you had any images of our products being installed, or images of completed projects that used our products. Boy, did you ever DELIVER! We received SO many images, that we figured we just HAD to share them! We’ll be breaking them up over several blog posts as well as highlighting them on Twitter, READ THE REST….

Top-Notch Snow Management for Metal Roofing

Installing snow guards on corrugated metal roofing can be tricky – with no seams to attach clamps to, the most important consideration needs to be in maintaining the integrity of your roof. If you’re looking for an ideal solution, no worries – we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our PP145 Two-or-Three-Pipe system. This rugged, versatile, sleek, and attractive solution is just one of the READ THE REST….

What Does a Leader Looks Like?

Every year, the amazing crew at Solar Power World open their polls in their “Leadership in Solar Energy” series. This year, EcoFasten Solar was nominated again in the Racking & Mounting category! Woohoo! We’re excited and honored, and are ready to charge full steam ahead into 2016 and beyond in order to help further grow the already booming solar industry. We’d like to ask you for your VOTE! You READ THE REST….