PP225 Three-Pipe System: Snow Has Met its Match

Looking for a straightforward snow management system for slate roofing?  Give our PP225 Three-Pipe Height Adjustable system a try, and discover a rugged, versatile, and attractive solution. Matt, our resident Animator, recently created this animation, to show how easy it is to install the system. We could explain it to you, but if you watch this video once, you’ll “get it” right away. Let us know what READ THE REST….

Top Tips for Installing PV on Low-Slope Roofing

Recently we were fortunate enough to moderate a webinar via Solar Power World featuring top tips for installing solar on low-slope roofing. Brian, our President & founder, began his career as a slate roofing contractor in the 1970’s, and his decades of experience and knowledge have made him an authoritative voice in the industry, as well as a thought leader, and the perfect person to go to when READ THE REST….

EcoFasten Solar is Relocating

What a year 2015 has been! We launched our rail-free Rock-It System at Intersolar, and our low-slope solution, SimpleGrip, at SPI. We exhibited at FIVE tradeshows (2 of which were with our Sister company Alpine SnowGuards). We grew. We hired on more talent. And now….we’re SO excited to announce that we’re relocating to Phoenix, Arizona. Relocating to a strong geographical location in the southwest, like Phoenix, READ THE REST….

How do I know what style snow guard I need?

For those of us who live in locations that receive any amount of snow during the course of the winter (even in the autumn and spring up here in our neck of the woods), managing rooftop snow is essential in protecting the areas immediately surrounding our homes and businesses, where people walk and play, where animals live, where our expensive landscaping resides, and where our cars READ THE REST….