Taking Charge of Conduit

All installers know the importance of properly managing conduit. Lifting the wiring up and off the roof to prevent overheating is an essential part of the install, and you want to make sure you’re using a system that will give you as many benefits as possible, while allowing you to get the job done efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. When your install is on a tile roof, READ THE REST….

How to Speed Up Your Installs with GreenFasten (and a video, to boot!)

On the hunt for the fastest, easiest installation in the industry? Give GreenFasten™ a try – it’s the solar roof mount from EcoFasten Solar that was engineered specifically for composition shingle applications. We’re fortunate to have a guy named Matt on our team – the CAD Designer (who I swear has superhuman powers) created this great 30 second video, which shows how fast and easy it really is to install. READ THE REST….

Join the Ranks of (Almost) a Million Other Homeowners

You’ve finally made the decision to go solar….so, what do you do now? What are the next steps, and what should you expect? You want to make sure you do it right, and that you choose a fair, competent, and trusted installation company. Do your homework, ask questions, check online reviews, ask for photos of installs the company has worked on, ask how long they’ve been READ THE REST….

The World Really IS Flat

We’ve all heard the saying….the world is flat….and some of us have even read the bestselling book (I did – twice!) While the saying is actually a double entendre, both couldn’t ring more true for the global solar industry. On one hand, the saying suggests that the world is a level playing field when it comes to industry and commerce, and all competitors have equal opportunities READ THE REST….