The Proof on the Roof

The installation photos keep rolling in – so thank you to everyone who’s continuing to send them to us! We’re excited to not only include them in our galleries and/or product pages, but mostly we’re excited to share them with YOU – it’s always so much easier to understand how a system works when you can see it in use, as opposed to as a static, READ THE REST….

Changing the Game

With Spring Training well underway, I wanted to give a very public nod to the Major League Baseball organization of teams for their commitment to the use of renewable energy.  Did you know that a decade ago, MLB became the very first professional sports league to enter into a partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)? I have to say, this knowledge makes my love READ THE REST….

Tile Flashing System Backed By IAPMO

IAPMO UES – the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials tests and evaluates products via their Uniform Evaluation Service to verify and confirm code compliance. This evaluation lets building and safety jurisdictions know that products being installed in, or on, a building have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to ensure that the rules, code enforcement, and best practices regulating building construction are being adhered to. For an READ THE REST….

For the Love of Metal

If you were an exhibitor or an attendee at PV America this year, we hope you had a successful show!  It was exciting to see everyone, and it’s always a treat to have a trade show so close to home (it’s only a little over a 3 hour drive to Boston for us, and pretty much a straight shot, almost all interstate). The venue was nice, READ THE REST….

The Integrity of the Roof

Many of the solar installation professionals out there (hopefully) know that the biggest priority when installing an array is the act of maintaining the integrity of the roof. If you install an array and then weeks, months, or years later, the fastener points leak, your company’s integrity will most likely be on the line. No one wants that. Not you. Not your insurance company. Definitely not READ THE REST….

Worth a Thousand Words

446 words – that’s how long the body of this post is….but it’s worth a thousand. Every few months we compile all of the installation images our customers send us. We’ve received a lot recently, for both EcoFasten Solar and Sister Company Alpine SnowGuards. It’s always an amazing feeling to see your company’s products attached to the most important part of a building.  And it’s also READ THE REST….