Brackets Galore: An Installers Guide

When I walked through the door on my first day at EcoFasten Solar, I was baffled by all of the products that were being put in front of me, with names I was sure I would never remember (I got over that quickly).  It was a classic case of information overload.  After just a few Keep reading….

Stop Wondering: Find Out What Snow Guard is Right for You

For those of us who live in locations that receive any amount of snow during the course of the winter (even in the autumn and spring in our neck of the woods), managing rooftop snow is essential in protecting the areas immediately surrounding our homes, where people play and animals live, where our expensive landscaping Keep reading….

The History of the Power of Solar

Every year, every day, every hour, and every minute, a vast amount of energy is emitted from our greatest renewable resource, and the world is utilizing it on a grand scale.  But how did it all start?  Who are the geniuses behind it all and what milestones were achieved when?  Looking back at the history of Keep reading….

6 Common Roofing Questions Answered

The roof over your head is the single most important part of your home – it keeps the elements out, and the heat (or cool air) in.  With so many types of roofing materials, varying degrees of roof pitch and countless design and valley layouts, there are many tough roofing questions to be asked, either Keep reading….