Do I Really Need an Annual Roof Inspection?

Annually is better than never, but if you live in a location that experiences extreme weather at different times throughout the year (like most of us), the majority of roofing contractors suggest inspecting your roof at least twice a year – in the fall and again in the spring or early summer. Since the roof Keep reading….

A Grapevine Doesn’t Only Yield Grapes

“The grapevine”; I don’t think many people know where the saying originally comes from.  Most of us (including yours truly) know it from the Marvin Gaye song, but that’s about it.  In actuality, the saying was coined during the Civil War, when telegraph wires resembling coiled grapevines were strung from the treetops that spanned battlefields, Keep reading….

Installations Taking Far Too Long? Discover the EcoFasten Difference.

When solar installers are in search of solar attachment points, they are looking for options that will ensure a quick install, an easy install, and a design that is not only straightforward, but will also eliminate any guess-work, or worse, rework.  Pretty much the same goes for Distributors – with the goal being to find Keep reading….

A Tile Flashing System that’s fast AND easy to install? Yeah, we’ve got that.

You know the drill.  You’ve gone through it countless times.  Mounting solar panels to a tile roof can be quite a hassle – all the cutting, drilling, grinding and replacing of tiles….it’s never ending, and it’s an additional liability for solar installers.  Not to mention the incredible amount of time it adds to an overall Keep reading….